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  1. I can't believe I will be the first to leave a message for y'all. It is a privilege being with you during this time. Peace be with you. Lander

  2. Rep Dale Folwell Speaker Pro Tem NC HouseNovember 14, 2012 at 8:11 PM

    Holly was a tremendous person who always had a few "slap you across the face into reality questions" when I came to visit from North Carolina.We always dined @ Hal's where all the men and women would glance at her elegance. My last visit with her was on the back of my motorcycle when some biker buddies and I called and said we are on the beltline and need a place to crash for the night. I took her a ride (i was surprised she didn't demand to drive)on the Honda Goldwing. I took her around with CCR and Bruce Springsteen blasting on the radio. I asked her if she liked to go fast and she said "hell yea"! The Goldwing is the largest motorcycle in the world and can be a crotch rocket in the right situation. In one instance I warned her that this 900 pound motorcycle may rare-up on the back wheel, (which it did) She let out an exhollarating( i purposely mispelled it just to poke @ her spirit) scream with that wonderful radiant smile that always said: I'm Holly Rhodes:"what's your story"?She said she didn't know conservatives were so much fun!! As an organ donor, she gave as she did in life. Godspeed to Will, Anna, Nick and Peter we are there for you! We miss you and love you Holly!!

  3. Every Christmas, for twenty-some years, Holly sent us cards. I knew, when I saw the return address, to expect the unexpected, something special. Holly lived like an artist and her cards showed that. There were never just another card with the kids photos attached. They were expressions of her imagination and creativity. Some featured photos of Anna, Nick and Peter at a favorite game or event, some had green and white ribbons laced through the card, one shouted Falala! across a silver swirled background, some were simple, some ornate, all pictured those beautiful children and all were exquisite and tasteful. Last year's photo was the best... the five of them dressed for parachuting, all in red suits except for Holly, the individual, right out front, in blazing bright blue. What a spirit! She loved her family and friends and they loved her dearly.

  4. My dear brother and precious Anna, Nicholas and Peter,
    I love you and I loved Holly. I miss her already and I am so glad she peppered my live with humor, intelligent conversation, wonderful books, and a sense of beauty and wonder that included one and all. Sending you hugs. Aunt Kathy

  5. Holly was absolutely unique. You just never knew what to expect from Holly, but you knew it was going to be sincere, refreshing, fun, and different. Holly didn't do things like other people, and I think that's one of the reasons that we enjoyed her so much. It was a privilege to be her friend. She was a Carolina sonority girl, English major, and I was a Forestry major from NC State, but she still loved me and accepted me and treated me like I was an intellectual equal. Holly thought deeply, challenged me with her questions and her honest searching for truth, and was still gracious when this NC State grad beat her in Scrabble. I still don't know what she was talking about half the time, but I know that I always had fun when I was with Holly.

  6. Holly was such a lovely girl in our KKG sorority. Just beautiful, kind and always had a smile ready. This is such a terrible tragedy and loss for her family and friends. I can only say from what I have learned in life that it is not for us to know God's plan. God is welcoming His newest and brightest angel with open arms. Blessings and sincere sympathy. Marjie Robertson Machado

  7. I got a chance to meet Holly when her son Nick played lacrosse for Pace Academy. A gifted athlete like his Mom and Dad, you could see where Nick got his desire and passion from life. Holly marched to a different drummer and I know people say this all the time that so and so are perfect and the best person around. Holly was truly one of those people. I do not know how she does it but everyone that knows her says the same thing. She is the best. We can all learn a lot from Holly as she was so gracious, kind, humble and a true friend. She always made me laugh and smile with her funny sayings like wow look at me with my Fancy Girl clothes.

    She taught Mary Jo how to row and was always so supportive on so many charitable endeavors.

    To Will, Anna, Nick and Peter we all have a new angel to watch over us and I know you will honor her until you meet her in Heaven. She will be with us always.

    I miss my friend and Fancy Girl

    Love to the Rhodes family,

    Coach Lou

  8. Will - Walton heard the news about Holly just as he was getting ready to leave for Haiti and felt terrible that he wasn't able to reach you before he left. All the Reeves family is devastated to hear of your loss. Holly was just a breath of fresh air and always brought a huge smile to my face and spread warmth to my heart, even though I barely knew her. Walton will be back on Monday night and will be in contact. We both send our deepest love and condolences to you, Nick, Peter and Anna.
    Cathy and Walton

  9. Will - Found myself surfing websites that your names have or had links to. What an incredible legacy! With Debbie (Metzgar, now Shew) away doing interim rector work in Connecticut (since late MARCH!), I wanted to be a local voice of love and support from a family who spoke respectfully and often the name Holly Palmer (Rhodes). The connections with my wife run so incredibly deep - Dennard, who knew her from UNC before coming to Davidson and became the dearest of friends and fellow "Wasabi" to my wife, St Pat's, Deb's discernment committee, Candler School of Theology - and perhaps this: my sudden accident from a serious fall only a few days before Holly's landing me in Grady ER. My right arm took the brunt of it - a bad break - but my point is this: while immobilized on the concrete and later in a racing ambulance to the hospital my heart cried for the love of my life 900 miles away and for our near and present God's outstretched arms to hold her. "Be with Debbie, BE with her, my God, should we not escape this ordeal." From all I know of Holly, her faith and her devotion to you and the family, I simply wanted you to know I am a WITNESS to the power and knowledge that such a fervent prayer was spoken from your beloved partner for you. Our prayers continue with love,
    David (and Debbie) Shew

  10. Dear Will, Anna, Nick, Peter, and all of the family,

    Our hearts are broken, even as we really can't believe this has happened to such a radiant beam of light and love. We will be keeping you in our prayers non-stop as you face these horribly sad and exhausting days and months. Holly was the best and her absence is this realm will be felt near and far. Our special prayers for you three kids-- she adored you unconditionally- and Will, her rock. We love you,

    Marty, Mike and Liz Franchot

  11. Holly saw the good in each and everyone of us and celebrated our gifts. She listened, encouraged, and was faithful to her friends. There is a hole in my heart for her that will remind me of the riches she gave to me and our family. Milt and I are grateful that we are in your community. Holly stood by us through all sorts of times so they were the best of times. We loved the lady!

  12. I did not know Holly; nor did any of my family. But, I could not help but read her memorial upon seeing her smile. Upon reading her self-reflections in the AJC, I was captivated by her wit, intelligence, literary allusions, education, honesty, and love that was obvious to even those people who only read about her today. My whole family read about her today and we all enjoyed every sentence, laughed at every insightful comment, and smiled the whole day. We are sorry for your loss; but, all of you sound so lucky to have known her. Holly seems like the best best friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife that one only dreams about. What an inspiring message. We all want you to know the joy we got from reading about her today. She has inspired me to read more Booker price books among other things. And, as I said, she made my whole family laugh and smile today and for years to come. In fact, all of us cut out her obituary to save. Great writing should not go unappreciated ... and obviously we all appreciated you sharing her thoughts with us.

  13. Sanfra and Ben WeissNovember 16, 2012 at 12:59 PM

    Will, Anna, Nick and Peter, Our love goes out to you all. We were all so very lucky to have shared part of Holly's life. She had a way of making people feel so special and loved. You all were so loved by her, she is a great Mom and Wife, so proud and loving of you all. I will send you a letter of our memories, give me a couple of months. She gave the world so much and those of us who loved her are better for it. Ben, Zach and Derek send their love.....we'll be in touch when things settle. You are, as always in our hearts. Sanfra, Ben, Zach and Derek Weiss

  14. Those of us who rode with Holly as part of the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia Dream Team are deeply saddened by Holly's passing. She always kept us in good spirits. I never saw her in a bad mood or bent out of shape over anything. She will be missed by so many people. My condolences to all of Holly's family and friends.

  15. We shared beer and burgers and seven layer dip. We chased children, walked dogs, and chased dogs, walked children. We stood together in your yard to watch the now legendary 1991 Braves clinch their spot in the NLCS. We smoked cigars and fought over who owned what stock and how to fix broken patents. We won some, and we lost some.

    Thinking about y'all this week, and the times we spent together raising our families on Lanier Drive, I remember that, back then, I always felt like I was flailing through my messy life gasping for air as Holly was moving nobly, brilliantly and elegantly, completely in charge of hers. It wasn't jealousy or envy but more like awe and admiration. It was just the way it was.

    Yesterday was the maybe most beautiful memorial service I've ever seen, and if I could choose the tone of my own memorial service, I would want it to be just like that. I am very sure that if she was looking down upon us, she must have been unimaginably proud to see how poised and strong and beautiful her three children were yesterday as they spoke to her before us. I'm so sorry that we couldn't stay long enough to say hello to each of you, but Big Tom really can't really stand for long, and once he went outside, I couldn't get him back in.

    We'll be thinking of y'all throughout these coming holidays, and the days after and between. Big Tom rides and sits and eats just fine, so what we can do is meet for dinner or bring it over, especially after the kids have gone back and you are home alone, Will. I intend to make sure that he pesters you (not that he needs encouragement). We will try to drag you out, maybe even in a while to see the band. I hope this is okay.

    You have our love and our prayers and our great gratitude for your long friendship. Please know you can call any of us any time.

    Tommy, Sharon, Thomas, Michael & Bobby Barnhart

  16. Dear Will,
    I am so sorry and saddened by this news and please know that you and your family are in my prayers. Unfortunately, I did not meet your wife, but the way your eyes lit up as you talked about her spoke volumes of your love for her. Life is short and precious and you cherished her and your life with her. Please know that God has a plan for all this pain, although this does not minimize the devastation you are feeling now. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family.
    Debra Alms

  17. Dear Will and family,

    I finally have the video segment online that shows Holly after she completed the century ride on BRAG 2011.
    It also shows the scene at Pitts Toyota where Miles McClelland took our picture, and where Holly and the others who rode the century got to have their picture taken as they showed off their bandannas.

    Here is the link:

    She looks like she just rode around the block! Amazing!

    My prayers are still with you all.

    -=Kevin J. Fitzgerald=-

  18. Roger & Donna StorkNovember 27, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    We are saddened to hear of the passing of Holly. Her reflections indicate a life which was fullfilling to her and others around her.

    May you find comfort in the fond memories created throughtout the years. We wish to all of Holly's family the best during this difficult, challenging time.

    Your Checkerboard Friends,

    Roger and Donna Stork

  19. Dear Nick:

    I am heart broken to hear of your mother's sudden passing. Nick, I only met your mum the one time, at your graduation. I was sitting in the second row of "Irvine" waiting ...saving seats for my family and this breathtakingly beautiful blonde woman walks past a red sleeveless dress with matching pearl ear rings and necklace....a radiant smile on her face...I thought to myself " wow...she looks like an "angel " ! ....that was honestly my gut reaction....then you walked in behind her and I realized ..."this is Nick's mum!!!"......
    As soon as we realized that our sons were close friends...we moved seats so that we could sit with each other and talk.....we had a good 30 minutes before the programme started. We talked about how you and Arjun were...fraternity brothers...and had lived together for the past 3 wonderful it was that the two of you would be working together at Morgan Stanley after graduation AND would be living together in NYC! Holly was so relieved that I lived in New York and that I would be your "go to person" should you need which I "promised" her I would be your "NYC Mum" ....those were the exact words I said to her Nick....Your mother hugged me so hard recognizing that we shared that same "mommy quality"....I was so happy to meet her...we agreed that we would meet when she next came up to NYC...I KNEW this was a person I was going to be friends with for a long, long time....I already felt like we were old just 30 minutes.

    When Arjun called me and told me what happened first thought went to you, Nick. I prayed for you...I prayed hard and asked God to give you and your family strength to deal with this deep loss. I came to your apartment building and sat on the stoop and cried.
    It just doesn't seem fair not fair BUT my faith is the only thing that makes any sense of this...and I believe that God chose this time for Holly, his angel, to join him.

    I will keep my promise to your mother. I am here should you need help, a home cooked meal or just someone to sit and cry with. I am here for you, Nick. Love Mrs. P.

    To the Rhodes Family
    Deepest condolences for your loss. The Pai Family has you all in their prayers.

  20. Dear Will,
    My heart broke for you when I heard the news about Holly. I am so sorry for you and your children's loss! Though I was never lucky enough to meet her, from all I've heard Holly sounds like an amazing woman and I know she will be very missed.
    My love and thoughts are with you,